How does it work?

For Buyers: 100% quality guarantee, pre-assembled, shipped to your door 

(1) We stand behind all of our listings. We offer a 100% guarantee that quality is being represented fairly. If any quality issues arise, please contact us.

For Sellers: 100% hassle free. Pick up, storage, photography, and listing services

(1) In very rare cases, we may be unable to accept the furniture due to condition, but we will still get back to you within 24 hours if that’s the case.
(2) We’ll have full control on pricing in the interest of making sure that we can use all of the industry data we have to price it at the best possible price for you. This means you don’t have to worry about selling it for too cheap, as we want to make sure it sells for fair market value! If it doesn’t sell after 30 days, we’ll put it on sale to help move it.

Selling Fee Structure

Value of Item Sold(1) % Commission Paid to Seller
$1,000+ 70%
$500 - $999 65%
Less than $500 60%

(1) Calculated based on a per-item basis.